Inhabitants of Tilburg can participate in fun, educational or healthy activities, even if they have less to spend. For those who have a minimum income, there’s the Meedoenregeling Tilburg. With this budget you and your family can, among many other things, visit Indoor Playground Circus City.


Rules for Meedoenregeling

  • If you want to use your budget from your Meedoenregeling, you need to show a valid ID. With this, and your accountnumber, we can check the credit of your budget.
  • Your Meedoenregeling account is a personal account. The budget can be spent only by and for the person who it belongs to.
  • (Grand)parents can buy a punchticket or normal tickets as an exception to the above stated rule.
  • You can pay a maximum of two tickets a day, per Meedenregeling account.
  • An exception to the above stated rule, are party packages. More than two party packages can be payd with the budget of the birthday boy or girl. The budget from other family members within the same household may be used as well.


Punch tickets that are purchased wit the MeedoenregelingTilburg are personal. This means the owner has to be present when punch tickets are used. However, it’s allowed to use as much punches as you would like per day.