Frequently asked questions



Punch tickets are valid for a period of two years. Has your card expired? Don’t throw it out just yet! Contact us first. We are usually lenient when it comes to expired punch tickets.

Due to the Corona measures and the fact we’ve been closed for periods of time, we don’t count the year 2020. Therefore, all punch tickets are valid an extra year.

You can use punch tickets to pay for the usual entrance fee only. It’s not possible to pay for party packages, not even with additional payment.

You can use your MeedoenregelingTilburg budget to pay for entrance fees, punch tickets and birthday packages.

To use your MeedoenregelingTilburg budget you need to bring your account number and a valid ID. Account holders always have to be present when using their budget.

It’s only possible to book birthday parties in advance at Circus City

We have 130 parking spaces on our private parking lot. Parking at Circus City is for free (visitors only!).

It’s not possible to book birthday parties in the fall-, Christmas- and spring break.

When you visit us, you're welcome to stay untill closing time, regardless of your arrival time. This also applies whith birthday parties or when you have payed off peak entrance fee.

Unfortunately you can not go home and come back later on, using the same ticket.

Throughout your whole stay there always has to be an adult (18+) present supervising your children.

Circus City has an extended menu. You can find our menu at the bottom of the homepage of our website or by clicking here.

It’s not allowed to bring your own foods and drinks when visiting Circus City.

Circus City is accesible for disabled people. We have a restroom suited for disabled people including a large changing table.

We have an extended allergen menu. We recommend contacting us to discuss the possibilities. Naturally, your safety comes first when you visit us. Therefore, in the case of serious allergies, we allow you to bring your own food. In this case, please notify our manager when you come in.